Botanical Garden of Porto Botanical Garden of Porto Botanical Garden of Porto Botanical Garden of Porto

Botanical Garden of Porto

The Porto Botanical Garden is located in the gardens of the Campo Alegre estate or Andresen House in Porto. Local residents and the most inquisitive tourists always come here in search of new places, interesting locations, and memorable cultural monuments. It was opened in 1951 and can be visited at any time of the year.

The history of the garden

This beautiful city is home to one very picturesque Botanical Garden of Porto. Here you can not only take a break from the road, from the city routine, but also learn about the world of botany, because the park has a very rich collection of plants.

Since its opening, the park has been managed by several different people. Previously, the entire estate was called Quinta do Campo Alegre. At the end of the 18th century, the park was in the possession of the Order of Christ. Then Joao Salabert took him under his wing. The next person considered to be the owner of the park was the family of the country's famous poetess Sofia de Mello Breiner. And only in 1951 the garden was sold to the University of Porto.

At the moment, the entire territory of the estate has 4 hectares. The Botanical Garden of Porto has also been preserved. The house was sent for restoration, it was painted a rich crimson color.

Botanical Garden of Porto today

The territory is divided into certain thematic zones. In the very center there is a house where the previous owners lived. It is currently used by the University of Porto. Despite the fact that nothing remains of the previous interior, guests still have the opportunity to go inside and look around.

Several gardens have found their place around the house, there are 8 of them in total. And each has its own shape. For example, one of them resembles a labyrinth and has initials in honor of its previous owners. On the territory of the Porto Botanical Garden there is also an unusual gnome garden. It used to serve as a venue for games. Now it has the fabulous atmosphere of the fairy tales of Sofia de Mello Breiner. Guests can find inspiration in the Bronze Boy garden. In the bright amber garden there are also amber trees. By the end of summer, the color of the leaves acquires bright red shades. And in the greenhouse of the garden, in which succulents grow, there was also a place for plants that love warmth.

The Botanical Garden of Porto is a great place for a walk, either alone or in the company of friends or family. It is recommended to visit, but you should not rush during the visit, as a fast pace during the walk can spoil the whole impression.

Botanical Garden of Porto - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.1536
Longitude: -8.6426


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