St. Peter's Church

The Church of St. Peter is built in the neoclassical style in Abrantes, a city in northern Portugal. It has a rich history; important church events for all of Catholic Portugal took place in this place. Alternative name ─ St. Peter's Basilica. This is a popular destination for tourists who are interested in the history, traditions and culture of the country.

St. Peter's Church

History of St. Peter's Church

It is similar to the history of the Church of San Roque; the Church of St. Peter was also damaged during a major earthquake in 1755. Work at the temple continued only after 2014, when the building complex was restored thanks to restoration carried out by the city authorities. The complex of buildings served and still serves to this day as a single convent of the 17th century. In our time, the holy house of Misericordia, an organization engaged in charitable activities, has settled inside the Church of St. Peter. Thanks to this organization, hundreds of cultural monuments were restored, and several dozen human lives were saved. In addition, the holy house provides free excursions for orphans.

Architecture of St. Peter's Church

The building was modeled after classical Roman houses of the 17th century. The first thing that greets the visitor is a forged gate and an old monastery arch. The facade of the building is quite modest - it is decorated with blue elements. The interior decoration was made in the same style, but the “wealth” is revealed by ceramic paintings, where the Gospels are depicted here.

St. Peter's Church

One of the main decorations of the Church of St. Peter is the painting “The Coronation of Our Lady with the Holy Trinity,” which was painted by Pierre-Antoine Quillara. It should be noted that his works were very valuable, he was the personal artist of King John the Fifth, but most of his works were destroyed due to the earthquake. The famous chapel, where Cardinal De Lencasra was buried, was also able to survive in the monastery.

When visiting the Church of St. Peter, you should pay attention to the observation deck of Sao Pedro de Alcantra. Tourists and local residents enjoy the beauty of the local landscapes, and there are several reasons for this: the observation deck offers a majestic view of the Palace of St. George and the Teja River. Tourists will be lucky when they get to one of the city’s holidays; at this time, the observation deck serves as a venue for fairs and other celebrations. This place is famous among townspeople and tourists, who visit the monastery and the city fairs in their thousands.

St. Peter's Church St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 41.4417
Longitude: -8.2959


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