Masoala National Park

Masouala is a national park in Madagascar. It was created in 1997 on an area of 2,400 km2, 100 of which are offshore. The Masuala Peninsula has an outstanding diversity of flora and fauna. In the park you can find selva, swamps, and mangroves. In 2007, Masualu was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Masoala National Park

Masuala is united with the island only by a small isthmus overgrown with dense forests - because of this, you can only get to the national park by water. But this also has its advantage - it is difficult for poachers to get here.

Flora and fauna of Masuala Park

Masuala has exceptional nature. There are 10 species of lemurs living here, including the bright red fluffy lemur, found nowhere else. The park is home to bizarre species such as Madagascar day geckos, uroplatus, chameleons, helmeted vangas, as well as unique Madagascar barn owls and tomato frogs. The impressive Madagascar urania and the inconspicuous night aye-aye have found shelter in Musuala. Only in this place does the newly discovered Madagascar snake eagle live.

Masoala National Park

There are 3 marine parks in Masuala National Park: Tampulu, Ifahu, Ambodilaitri. These are Madagascar's most enticing marine areas. Marine parks have many unrivaled spots for kayaking and scuba diving. Every year in July - September, humpback whales swim into Antongil Bay during their migration period. The local waters provide good conditions for the birth of powerful marine animals. Sharks often swim near the peninsula - they are generally safe, but it is better to remain vigilant. Sharks here are usually observed from a specialized iron cage.

Tours to Masuala Park start in the cities of Antalaha and Maroantsera. From Maroantsera they travel by boat, and from Antalaha they travel by car and mountain bike along the road to Cap-East. There are 6 campsites in the park, the main routes are located in Tampulu, Nosy Mangabi, Cap East. For tourists, there are small hotels and bungalows in the villages on the peninsula. Any visit to the park must be officially approved by the park administration, who also provide a guide. Detailed information about organizing tours to the park can be obtained from the guide offices in Maroantser and Antalaha.

The territory of Masuala Park is divided into 29 zones, in which any tourist will find something to suit his taste. There are also nature reserves in the national park. For example, Zahamen has interesting wildlife, Tampolo is good for walks through the rainforests, Cap Est is an excellent area for bird watchers.

Masoala National Park Masoala National Park Masoala National Park Masoala National Park Masoala National Park Masoala National Park
Masoala National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -15.300278
Longitude: 50.0525


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