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Venice – is a kind of city located on the water. Here, instead of roads and bicycles, there are water ducts. Its location is Northern Italy, near the Adriatic Sea. The population of the city is close to 300 thousand people. The unique location of Venice is simply surprising.

This wonderful city is located on 118 different islets, which are separated by water channels. About 400 bridges connect these lands. The islands are separated from the sea by a sand spit, which has straits. In places of straits, access to land, ocean ships is opened. In autumn, storms can be observed here, as a result of which local streets are flooded with water. A variety of ships, barks, gondolas – is the most common transport of the city. Houses in this wonderful place hold on to multi-level foundations, since the bottom of the lagoon is unstable. The part of the structure that is in the water consists of a tree, a special breed that is not subject to destruction, in contact with moisture. Venetian houses are, in comparison, very light, since they are built with materials based on limestone and wood.

The name of the city is very old, as it is like the ancient tribe « vetto », which lived on these lands even before the Romans conquered it. If we study the history of these lands in more detail, a picture emerges that the city originates from the time of raids on the Roman Empire of the barbarians-guns, led by the leader of Attila. In order to save, many inhabitants of Northern Italy fled to the Adriatic Islands, which is its basis. The source of future Venice, originally, was the islands of Malamokko and Torcello. In 727, the doge that connected these lands was offended. During independence, Venice was powerful enough, as its possessions in Greece, Istria, and Dalmatia speak of. From time to time, she conquered different territories, among which even Constantinople found herself, from where excellent mosaics were taken, which adorn St. Mark's Cathedral. Here you can meet the image of St. Mark the Evangelist, in the form of a lion with wings behind his back and book. His relics were supposed to be transported here from Egypt to bury in the main cathedral. The thousandth year is marked by the consolidation of the reign of Venice over the Adriatic by the doge of Pietro Orcelo II. In honor of this event, a traditional celebration is held with the name Festa della Sense, which literally means « Wenchania with the sea ». Later, Venice begins to lose its strength, as trading states appear more developed. In the XV – XVIII century, the city was swept by an epidemic of plague, as well as raids by Turks. In 1796, Venice was ruled by Napaleon, who distributed it to Austria. And only in 1866 Venice was included in the composition of Italy as a simple province.

Nowadays, Venice is a seaside resort, a museum city, as well as a center of tourism of world significance.

This city, annually, is visited by many tourists who come from all over the world. It is especially crowded and fun here in February, when a mask festival takes place on the territory. This custom came here from the old days when wearing masks was very popular and convenient. Later, the Venice government was forbidden to wear masks all year round, and specific days stood out for this, when in wonderful outfits people were engaged in daily ordinary affairs. They were worn by both the rain and the maids.

Guests of the city, with pleasure, see the palaces that are located along the large canal, among which the Doge Palace is the most famous. Art workshops flourish here, which present various souvenirs, mosaics, glass. The tourists also include museums ( glass, historical and marine ), various art exhibitions, galleries, and film festivals.

Having visited Venice – you will surely be morally enriched and have a great rest, be sure that this country will remain in your memory forever.

Venice - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.433333
Longitude: 12.316667


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