Elephanta Caves

Elephanta – is a magnificent island of India, which rightfully deserves to be visited by tourists. On its territory there are many centuries-old architectural monuments, which are very important for the history of the state.

Elephanta Caves

A fairly impressive view has a whole temple complex of cave structures, inside which there are huge statues. The main building in the sacred building is the large five-meter Shiva, which has three heads. This architectural creation presents the Creator, the Guardians and the Destroyer. The famous « Shiva Caves » among Elephant Island, which are cut down in a rock, are a kind of complex that is entirely devoted to the god Shiva.

The island got its name as a result of the Portuguese passing by, who saw on this earth a huge figure of an elephant that was pulled out of a monolith. These actions took place in the 16th century, but in our time the figure of a cut elephant flaunts in Mumbai, within the walls of one of the museums.

Elephanta Caves

Elephant Island can be reached by spending about an hour. On the way in this area you will not have to be bored, because you can admire the beauty of the approaching land, which is generously endowed with lush tropical greenery. Sailing to the pier, you will find a fascinating walk to the temple building. They simply fascinate the sea landscapes, which are direct satellites. Local merchants also meet on the road, offering various souvenirs with stone, bronze, copper. The masters of India have long been famous for such products. Tourists are happy to meet at local cafes where you can have a bite to eat. If you don’t want to walk, you can take advantage of a local mini-trip that looks so much like a toy since childhood.

Having overcome this fascinating path, you will find yourself at the walls of the magnificent structure of ancient monks, which is completely dedicated to the god Shiva.

The temple, which is based on seven caves, meets its guests with a colonnade, as well as with huge halls that follow it. The pillars of the stone that strengthen the arch are decorated with carvings. The various sculptures and bas-reliefs that depict Shiva adorned the halls of the temple. Of course, the most important sculpture of the entire temple complex is the 5th metro bust of Shiva, which is represented by three-faced.

This cave temple complex on Elephant Island has become world famous among tourists. In 1987, the Elephant complex was listed on the UNESCO list. You can visit him daily except Monday.

Elephanta Caves Elephanta Caves Elephanta Caves Elephanta Caves Elephanta Caves Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Caves - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 18.966667
Longitude: 72.935833


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