Phillip Island

Phillip Island is a tiny part of the land near Melbourne on the south side of Australia. This tourist area is known for its diverse features related to the flora and fauna of the island. Its area is just over one hundred square kilometers, length is 26 km, and width is only 9 km. You can get to Phillip Island on a bridge that is just over 600 meters long, through San Remo by car or shuttle bus.

Phillip Island

The island's 60% territory consists of green pastures for livestock. There are whole farms here, where you can look at tourists, see how the farmer milks the cow or how shepherd dogs do their work. A large number of birds live on the island, as well as animals familiar to Australia: kangaroos, koals, wallaby, ostriches and volmbats. Here is also the famous Grand Prix track, built already in 1928 and hosting motorsport and motorsport competitions today.

Koal Nature Reserve

There are a lot of interesting places for tourists on the island of Phillipa, the Koal Nature Reserve is one of them that should be visited. On high eucalyptus trees of different ages, at their very top, gray fluffy lumps quietly sheltered. These are koals. They live here in wildlife and feel great. Since there are not many trees in the reserve, the complex staff hang up additional branches to provide the koalas with a good diet. For tourists, wooden bridges and paths raised above the ground are built here to be closer to animals, because otherwise the koala may not be noticed because of its color and love of height.

Phillip Island

Nobbiz National Park

Another place for a mandatory visit is the Nobiz Nature Park. Walking along wooden convenient paths, you can admire the natural landscape, the sea horizon, the bizarre forms of the coastline and the animals living here. The main “ exhibits ” are penguins and fur seals. Penguins can be watched directly in the center of their habitats, and you can admire fur seals from cameras installed near their homes, or using a telescope. Such cameras help you feel near the stall of these amazing animals. Here is their largest colony - about 20 thousand individuals.

Penguin Parade on Phillip Island

This is the most famous sight of this island. And the only paid entertainment. Shooting a penguin parade on camera is strictly prohibited, so you can only see it by arriving on the island. Viewers pre-buy tickets and seep in places right off the sea coast. They sit down, wrap themselves in shades and wait. After a while, figures of tiny penguins begin to appear from the water. They come out of the water and go to land in their homes for the night. At dusk, the direction of their path is slightly highlighted so that the audience can be better seen. It's amazing how daily observers still haven't scared these animals off. But every day the penguins leave the sea water and go to sleep on land in their nests. To see this sight with their own eyes, tourists come to the island of Phillip from around the world.

Phillip Island Phillip Island Phillip Island Phillip Island Phillip Island Phillip Island
Phillip Island - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -29.11955
Longitude: 167.950531


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