Fissure of Silfra Fissure of Silfra Fissure of Silfra Fissure of Silfra

Fissure of Silfra

The Fissure of Silfra – is certainly the main attraction of the entire Tingvetlir natural park, which is located in Iceland. It is an amazing beauty gorge that is completely filled with water, attracts increased attention from divers. And this is not without reason, because in addition to the bewitching natural pictures of the underwater world, there is also excellent visibility. The Silfra crack is unique in that here you can simultaneously touch two parts of the world.

Many adventurers go here, because a underwater walk in full equipment is guaranteed to provide a boost of morale. Immersion in the underwater kingdom, it is possible to swim between two tectonic plates and even touch them, which means that you touch Europe and America at the same time, because it is here that the two sides of the world converge.

The beautiful places of the planet, whose creators are nature itself, simply amaze the human imagination. And even such a process as the movement of tectonic plates, it would seem, nothing special, but subsequently forms steep mountains or, conversely, sharp gorges. This sight is not just attractive, it is charming.

The crack of Sylphra is formed by two joints of plates, which every year is gradually moving away from each other by about 2 cm. This fault is carefully hidden under clean lake waters, which attracts just an amazing amount of divers around the world. Translated, the name of the area sounds like « Silver Lady ». The national park, which owns the famous Sinfra crack, was organized in the twentieth century and is under the protection of UNESCO.

The water temperature of the lake is quite cold, which, approximately, equals 2 degrees Celsius. There is also a fairly strong current, thanks to which the water does not freeze. But these natural factors do not scare visitors, because they come together to look at unusual landscapes that are viewed from 150 to 300 meters through the water wall.

The most famous underwater route includes such main places: « Chess cabinet », which is located in the very first part of the gorge. Approximately, at a depth of 40 meters, there are blocks tightly covered with algae. It was they who gave such a name for the area, because they really made a resemblance to a chessboard; « Silver Cathedral » is the second part of this path, which has a width of 300 meters; to the third part belongs to « Cipher Lagoon », the length of which is 150 meters, and the depth is only 3 meters.

An excursion to the Crack of Sylphra in Iceland will surely give a lot of pleasure and a boost of vigor.

Fissure of Silfra - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 64.255
Longitude: -21.123


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