The Desert of Danakil

Nature on our Earth is sometimes so surprising, admiring and pleasing that you simply cannot resist its masterpieces. Most of these natural landscapes are simply beyond the power of human imagination and hands. But besides beautiful natural paintings, she is capable of creating terrifying things. Among such terrible earthly places is the Ethiopian desert of Danakil, which is considered an infernal home.

The Desert of Danakil

And the thing is that Danakil – is a kind of homeland of volcanoes, it is in this place that there are many dangerous bodies of water that contain sulfur. Often, harmful fumes rise into the air and soar above the ground in the form of fog. In such a place it is very dangerous for a person to be, because this unfavorable situation very negatively affects the well-being and health of the human body.

In this terrible deserted place among Africa, once a strand of the earth's crust appeared, as a result of which such terrible conditions formed. In the Danakil desert, volcanic eruptions never stop, the earth constantly shudders here, and at night you can watch the lava lake glow.

The Desert of Danakil

The idea of taking an excursion to the Danakil desert comes to mind far from everyone, but who was lucky enough to visit her – will never forget such unusual natural landscapes. It turns out that for such a dangerous walk, you need to pay out not a small amount of money. Local guides make good money on this, who assure that such a non-standard trip is much more fun than visiting a beautiful safe attraction.

The most active volcano in Ethiopia is Erta Ale, whose name translates as « Smoking Mountain ». This 613 meter volcano has been operating continuously since 1967. Near it is the only active lava lake in the world. Lake Afera, bright with green water, is simply struck by the brightest salts of the salts.

Since ancient times, salt for Ethiopia has been a kind of monetary unit. Kings sent whole caravans loaded with salt to exchange it for another product. Sometimes, in exchange for white salt, they brought whole bars of gold. Even in our time, the Afara nomads, who consider themselves the owners of a given area, take out salt, trying to exchange it for other goods.

The Dunakil desert never welcomed tourists on its territory. If you still decide on such a risky expedition, then December or February will be the best time for it, when the air temperature is slightly lower, compared to other months. Also necessary for such conditions, special training, because without it it is hard to withstand more than an hour.

An expedition to the Danakil desert can be made from the capital of Ethiopia, as well as the city of Mekele. To take a walk in a rented car to this area, you first need to get permission, as well as hire an experienced guide. For your own safety, take an interest in the general situation in the desert, because there are known cases of murders of tourists, as well as their abduction.

You can get to Ethiopia with the help of an airplane that arrives in Addis Ababa. From the capital you will have to fly to the city of Mekel, from where special expeditions are organized to this terrifying place.

There will be no problems with the overnight stay, because many hotels in Addis Ababa are at your service. You can afford to eat in Ethiopia even in the most expensive restaurant, because here the food is not expensive.

The Desert of Danakil The Desert of Danakil The Desert of Danakil The Desert of Danakil The Desert of Danakil The Desert of Danakil

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The Desert of Danakil - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 12.9369
Longitude: 42.4528


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