Wuzhen Water City

The water city of Wuzhen is one of the tourist centers of China, it is conveniently located in the triangle formed by three major cities: Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. The history of the city goes back 2 millennia. At first it was a village, and it has retained almost its original appearance and appropriate flavor. Wuzhen is also called the little Chinese Venice.

Wuzhen Water City

Description of the water city of Wuzhen

The city is divided into 2 parts: large and small. You can move around it either on foot or with the help of boats that are rented. Wuzhen differs from other similar cities in China in its active cultural life. International conferences and theater festivals are held here, including the Wuzhen Theater Festivals, which have won a global audience within just a few years of their existence, and now the events are a real carnival on the water. At the same time, the population of the water city of Wuzhen is only 60 thousand people, of which only 12 thousand are permanent residents.

This city constantly hosts art exhibitions that attract the attention of the public from different cities of the country. Museums and other attractions, such as the “bridge within a bridge,” are open to the public. The structure consists of two ancient interesting bridges connected by arches. A textile factory from the 13th century was opened; today, as many years ago, it produces blue-white fabric, traditionally used in everyday life. Tourists will find local distilleries producing wine from black rice. You can immediately get acquainted with the technology of its production and try a truly Chinese drink, the history of which dates back more than 10 centuries. It was this production that was founded in the 14th century and, thanks to careful treatment, is still functioning today.

Wuzhen Water City

Features of the water city of Wuzhen

The attention of tourists can be attracted by the museum of beds; some exhibits are surprising in their size, as they occupy the area of ​​several rooms. It’s also worth mentioning the amazing decorations that decorate the sleeping areas - real works of Chinese art.

The Museum of Folk Customs in the water city of Wuzhen tells how the city's population celebrated holidays: New Year, Harvest Festival, as well as birthdays, weddings and funerals. You can watch the Huagu Opera, which is specially performed to the accompaniment of the Tanggu drum. In the water city of Wuzhen there are places to stay overnight, there are many small cafes and restaurants, including offering to try national dishes.

Wuzhen Water City Wuzhen Water City Wuzhen Water City Wuzhen Water City Wuzhen Water City Wuzhen Water City
Wuzhen Water City - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 30.74275
Longitude: 120.487778


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