Madidi National Park

In Bolivia, or rather in its northwestern part, there is a beautiful place called Madidi. This wonderful national park is located near the Amazon, near the city of Ruhrrenabak. This reserve attracts increased attention from tourists to its rich animal world and excellent vegetation.

Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park covers an area of 18,957 km2, which runs mountains and forests, valleys and plains. It was founded in 1995 and belongs to the most protected reserves of the whole world.

The reserve is home to a very large number of different animals, such as cougar, cushioning bear, otter, wolf, jaguar and others. Here, birds, of which there are more than one thousand species, also feel good.

Madidi National Park

There is a very diverse flora that holds more than 4,500 plant species. This region is often taken as an example to describe the natural wealth of the entire Amazon. Also, the local variety of natural landscapes is simply impressive.

As for the climate in the territory of the Madidi reserve, it is necessary to note its variability, depending on the area. In the area of the mountains, coolness is well felt, but in the north, where the lowlands are predominantly warmer. The mountain range of the reserve protects this area from strong winds, which have almost no effect on the air temperature, which averages 26 degrees Celsius. Rains come mainly from mid-Autumn to early spring, and from May to September there is a drought.

At one of the peaks of Mount Madidi Park there is an observation deck with magnificent views of wonderful wild places. But in order to find yourself in place for inspection, you must go through as many as five kilometers of the protected area.

The charming wild world, rich nature and magnificent landscapes of – are the main reasons why travelers overcome the difficult path to the reserve of Bolivia.

Of course, you can make a trip to Madidi Park on your own, but it’s better to get a good guide with which you will not get lost and learn a lot of new and interesting things. In any direction of the park you can order a sightseeing tour, which usually lasts from two to seven days.

Madidi National Park has been exposed to dangers on several occasions. For example, here they wanted to build a hydroelectric power station, which they planned to place on the Beni River. If this project were implemented, then a large territory of the reserve would simply be under water with its population, as well as natural attractions.

For a long time, Rosa Maria Ruiz, who founded the organization for the salvation of the natural world « Eco Bolivia », fought for the salvation of the Madidi reserve. It was this association that played a major role in the emergence of the reserve in Bolivia.

Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park Madidi National Park
Madidi National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -14.2
Longitude: -68.35


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