Diamond Museum in Antwerp

The Diamond Museum in Antwerp attracts the attention of those who admire precious stones. In this place you can look at diamonds in different exhibitions; all the exhibits are real. To become a visitor, you not only need to buy a ticket, but also when entering the hall you must take off your outerwear. This rule has been working for many years, and it applies to everyone without exception.

Diamond Museum in Antwerp

History of creation

Diamonds have been traded in Antwerp since ancient times. Over time, the city began to be called the diamond capital of Europe, and in 1988 the Diamond Museum in Antwerp appeared here. For the convenience of city guests, the facility was opened in the central square, not far from the city’s main railway station. In this place you can learn about the methods of diamond mining, processing and cutting. In addition, according to statistics, the Diamond Museum in Antwerp is the most visited of all the museums in the city.

An interesting fact - in Antwerp there is a record high number of stores selling various jewelry; an entire block is devoted to their activities, which, like the museum, is located not far from the station. The attraction will be of interest to those who are not yet planning to make expensive purchases, but want to admire the precious stones. When purchasing tickets, guests are given paper bags containing a surprise, which can only be seen at the end of the tour. For the convenience of tourists, there are audio guides; they can be picked up on the ground floor at the administration desk. You must enter the halls of the Diamond Museum in Antwerp without outer clothing; bags and packages must also be left in the storage room on the ground floor.

Diamond Museum in Antwerp

Brief description

On the ground floor there is a hall - an emerald room, the walls in this place are painted a pleasant shade of green. The main hall called "Expo" is on the second floor, and on the third there is a terrace. In addition to diamonds in large quantities, in the Diamond Museum in Antwerp you can see jewelry made from other precious metals and stones. Each of the six halls has interactive screens, with their help you can find out detailed information about each item displayed in closed glass cases.

In one of the halls, festive dishes decorated with precious stones are displayed; all cutlery, cups, saucers and other items are covered with glass domes, but they do not interfere with the sparkle of diamonds. It is quite natural that there are no windows in the halls of the Diamond Museum in Antwerp; this was done for safety reasons; multifaceted stones are reflected exclusively in the rays of lamps and spotlights. After the excursion, you can give the paper bag with the surprise to the jewelry maker, who will check whether the stone (and the bag contains the stone) contains something valuable.

Diamond Museum in Antwerp - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.21933
Longitude: 4.420384


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