Fishing in Indonesia

Fishing in Indonesia

Indonesia call the country thousands of islands. It is washed by the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans: favorable territorial position allows the country to take second place ( data for 2023 ) among the main fishing states. Most often, fishermen catch striped and yellowfin tuna and exported to other lands.

This place It is interesting to visit both fishermen and fish lovers. Most The industrialized archipelagos are Java and Sumatra. It is strictly here poaching is punishable. It is better to fish either on a special tour, or with locals because there is a risk of catching poisonous fish.

To fish you can all year round, unless, of course, there is no storm or hurricane. The season lasts from spring to autumn. The peak of fishing falls on May and continues until the end of October. Many fish families, this art passes from father to father son. So, they make a living and have an interesting time together.

Since most people profess Islam, pork dishes in national cuisine almost not. The basis is considered rice, I was surprised when I saw rice on the coat of arms Indonesia. Fish dishes are popular, shark fin soup is considered a delicacy.



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