Henri Pittier National Park

Henri Pittier National Park was founded in 1937 and is the oldest parks in Venezuela. The park is located west of Caracas and its territory is 1078 km2. The park has the beach of Bahia de Kata, which is one of the best in Venezuela with the famous surf center. The park consists of 2 parts: on one lanschaft cut by mountains, the second resort area with wonderful beaches. In a park in the village of Chuao, one of the most famous cocoa varieties for the whole world is grown.

Henri Pittier National Park

Over 500 species of birds live in Henri Pittier National Park, which is 43% of all species of Venezuela birds, 22 of them are not found anywhere else in the world. Swallows, parrots, cardinals, sapsans - large falcons, which are considered the fastest birds on Earth, are considered especially common, the South American harpy is a forest predator who prefers to hunt monkeys. The park has inhabited 140 species of animals, which make up 47% of all mammals in the country. Among which are different types of rodents, tapirs, jaguars, a considerable number of species of the cat family, ants.

Also in the jungle there are a large number of snakes, among which the bumps and the Bushmaster are the largest poisonous snake. In addition to snakes, 97 species of reptiles live in the park. It is easy to meet crocodiles 5-6 meters long. A large number of crocodiles live in the San Miguel River. They are characterized by the fact that they can live both in fresh and in salt water, sailing far into the sea. They usually feed on fish, turtles, amphibians, but nonetheless, for a person they pose a threat too. From insects, it’s easy to meet butterflies that are around in the park.

Henri Pittier National Park

Flora is represented by palm groves and mangrove swamps on the coast and forests covering the peaks of the mountains. In Henri Pittier Park in Chuao Village, one of the best cocoa varieties is grown.

Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park Henri Pittier National Park
Henri Pittier National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 10.38
Longitude: -67.619


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