Brief description of the country

Venezuela is located in South America. Its area is more than 900 thousand square kilometers. The state is divided into 23 states. The country is famous for the highest waterfall in the world (Angel with a height of 807 meters of continuous water fall), the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, Caribbean beaches and national parks.

You can come to Venezuela at any time of the year, as the country is always warm. The temperature does not fall below +20°C. Ski resorts are open from December to May. Beach holidays, sailing, golf and diving are very popular. You can also visit the colonial cities and parks of Margarita Island, see pink flamingos and wild pelicans.

The locals are friendly towards travelers. But it is important to understand that the indigenous population has a special relationship with time. In Venezuela, it is not customary to rush somewhere. If it seems to you that you are waiting for a dish for a long time in a cafe or restaurant, do not rush the waiter. Otherwise, he may take it as an insult. But in business matters, Venezuelans are punctual.

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