Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone is the first national park not only in the USA, but also in the world. The park was created on March 1, 1872 on a colossal territory of 8983 km2. The main feature of Yellowstone Park is multiple geysers, picturesque terrain, luxurious flora and fauna.

Yellowstone National Park

The national park lies on the Yellowstone plateau, whose average height is almost 2500 meters above sea level. The plateau is surrounded by famous Rocky Mountains, the height of which reaches 3500 meters above the sea. In the northwestern part of Galletin Mountain, in eastern Absarok, on the north side of Mount Bear Zuba and the ridges of Tighton and Madison in the western outskirts. The highest point in Yellowstone Park is the Eagle Peak ( 3462 meters ). Such altitude differences gave the basis for almost three hundred waterfalls from 5 to 100 meters high.

Such a large territory of the park is how to surprise even the most avid travelers with their rivers, lakes, geysers, caves, canyons. In the middle of Yellowstone Caldera is Lake Yellowstone, the largest alpine lake in North America. The caldera itself is a mega-sleeping volcano that has already shown its power to the entire planet, covering the entire area of the park with lava flows.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has one of 4 fields with geysers: the Valley of Geysers in Russia, the Haukadalur Valley in Iceland, the Rotorua Valley in New Zealand and the El Tatio Valley in Chile. In total, the park houses 60% of all geysers in the world, which is approximately 3,000 geysers. The most famous geysers are the Steamboat and the Old Servant. The park is also rich in geothermal springs, of which there are several thousand, which is half of all thermal springs in the world.

The vegetation of Yellowstone Park, numbering 1870 copies, is no less rich, including 8 species of coniferous trees, which occupy approximately 80% of forests. From deciduous trees you can meet: willow, aspen, birch. There are also approximately 4,000 bison that park workers are watching, driving back those who have gone outside the park. Bears have approximately 300 specimens, 30,000 deer wapiti, of rare species it is worth noting a cougar with about 25 individuals and rosoms.

Yellowstone National Park is visited by nearly 3 million tourists per year, making it the most visited US park. For the convenience of the guests of the park, 1770 km of routes were carried out, 9 information centers and museums, having received a license, can fish. Those who want to relax in the summer at Yellowstone should consider that hotel rooms must be reserved for a couple of months or will stop in villages outside the park.

Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 44.666667
Longitude: -110.5


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