Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay is a US national park in Alaska, near the city of Juneau. The territory of the park is colossal - 13,287 km2, the bulk of the land occupied the protected forests. In Glacier Bay Park, you can meet 9 glaciers and 4 large icebergs.

Glacier Bay National Park

The nature of Gleisher Bay is amazing - around mountain ranges with snow caps and overgrown virgin forests, clean rivers, numerous lakes and the deepest fjords. There are few roads laid in the park, because of this it is best to use water cruises or take advantage of it from helicopter or plane excursions. From a great height, all the incredible beauty of Glacier Bay Park is visible. Above, it is clearly noticeable that the park has a huge number of fjords, divided into 2 hoses with straits. More recently, these straits were not visible, during the ice age the terrain was covered by a huge glacier, the height of which exceeded 1 km.

Snow has been enjoying for centuries in Gleisher Bay, eventually forming glaciers and ice rivers - herders. Gradually, they descended from the mountains lower and lower, destroying everything on their road until they collided with the ocean. Ships are wary of herbers, because they are 70 meters high and when their edges collapse, then a monstrous power sound is heard for more than 2 kilometers. This phenomenon was called White Thunder.

Glacier Bay National Park

The fauna of Glacier Bay Park is rather scarce, but nonetheless interesting. In the forests you can meet bears, mountain colas, deer, and whales, sea lions, otters splash along the coast.

Of the types of entertainment in the park, there are: fishing, mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking, water cruises, helicopter and airplane excursions. You can stay in the park around the clock, from May to September there is an information center from 11 to 21 hours.

The Gleisher Bay is dominated by the marine climate, sea currents have a strong impact on the weather. Winter off the coast is mild, and in the depths of the park in the mountains everything is much more severe - huge snowdrifts and cold. The average temperature in summer is 10-15 ° C. In September-October, a lot of rainfall falls. Such weather dominates the other side of the planet, in the national park of Argentina - Los Glaciares.

Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park Glacier Bay National Park
Glacier Bay National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 58.7
Longitude: -136.15


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