Big Bend National Park

Big Bend is a US national park located in Texas, near Mexico. Park area 3242 km2. On this vast area is the Chisos mountain range with the highest point of 2385 meters. There are quite a few forests in the mountain range, huge stones are scattered throughout the Big Bend park, cacti can be found everywhere.

Big Bend National Park

In the Big Bend National Park, the Chihuahua Desert is partially located, and the territory of the desert itself is 362,600 km2. In its area, the Chihuahua Desert is in third place in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth, and in North America it is the second largest. Chihuahua is a large arid plain on which mountains meet in places, the climate here is quite mild. In the summer months, the temperature is at around 35-40 ° C, and in winter the temperature depends on the winds. About 300 mm of precipitation may occur during the year.

Sand in the Chihuahua Desert consists mainly of a quartz giving the desert a white tint. From the plants here it is noticeable to meet the abundance of cacti. But if you go to Big Bend Park in mid-spring, you can notice flowers. No less remarkable for travelers is the yuccake valley.

Big Bend National Park

Lush vegetation in Big Bend Park can only be seen in the Rio Grande River, on one of the banks of which you can find the Mexican village of Bokillas. Among the rock complexes of Big Bend Park, they are looking for their prey of the vulture.

The ancient gravel road - "Old Ore Road" has gained historical value". She was known under this name back in the 19th century. It was used by miners. who mined lead, zinc and silver ore nearby. The most vigorous ore mining work was carried out in the Bokilyas canyon.

For the convenience of travelers, many hotels, campsites, restaurants have been built in the Big Bend National Park, and various excursions are held.

Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 29.25
Longitude: -103.25


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