Kingdom of little people

In the southwest of China, not far from Kunming, there is a bizarre village, visiting which you immediately feel like a giant. And the thing is that only dwarfs are residents of this area. They feel good among themselves like, avoiding inconvenience and ridicule from « big » people.

Kingdom of little people

Thanks to a small dwarf village, a theme park called « The kingdom of little people » has emerged, where only dwarfs serve and entertain visitors. This park brings to its territory many people who are happy to spend time here.

The owner of the kingdom of dwarfs is a man of ordinary growth, who is often criticized as if he exploits small people. To which he replies that he sees nothing wrong with this, because he provided work for more than 200 dwarfs, who find it difficult to adapt in this world.

Kingdom of little people

The park has a lot of entertainment, thanks to which there is simply no time to get bored. Tiny workers dance, sing, put on various scenes than cheer visitors up.

But tourists are interested not only in the Kingdom of Dwarfs, they are curious to just walk through the streets of the city, where their own infrastructure is fully developed, which accommodates a hospital, school and shops.

There is some limitation for dwarfs, which is associated with their growth. Only those people whose growth is no more than 129 cm can live here. At the moment, the oldest resident is no more than 50 years old, and the youngest is 18.

The Kingdom of Little People – is a successful project of the Chinese government, which has entered world history. It is aimed at adapting and employing people with a slight increase. Dwarfs from this village are artistic, full of strength and energy. They are happy to make contact, because I know a lot of English and even other foreign languages. All dwarfs living here are on a voluntary basis.

If you dream of visiting something non-standard, new and colorful, then be sure to visit the Kingdom of Little People in China.

Kingdom of little people Kingdom of little people Kingdom of little people Kingdom of little people Kingdom of little people Kingdom of little people

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Kingdom of little people - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 24.850382
Longitude: 102.622261


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