Beautiful harbor

A beautiful harbor is a national park on the Black Sea coast in Crimea. The park was created in 2009 on an area of 109 km2, but in 2014 they renamed Tarhankutsky.

Beautiful harbor

The national park is located on the Tarhankut Peninsula, which is covered mainly by steppe territories and beams crashing into the peninsula. The beams are formed due to the effects of the surf and storms. The entire territory of the park Tarkhankutsky is divided into five zones, depending on the importance of: cultural heritage sites, recreational, protected, economic territory, as well as a specially protected area. Of the attractions of the "Beautiful Harbor" it is especially worth noting the "Balka Big Castell", the tract Atles, where you can see the remains of Scythian mounds and settlements, the parking of primitive people, the ancient settlements of the Greeks. The beauty of nature Atles inspired many directors. Films such as "Pirates of the 20th Century", "Amphibian Man," People and Dolphins "were shot here". In the park is the Jangulsky reserve, the name of which with Farsi means "Sower of Soul". According to some travelers, there is a huge source of "positive energy" that can be found in Tibet or Buryatia.

For the development of tourism in the park, 5 routes were created: 3 foot and 2 for cyclists. There are also special parking lots for wild tourism. Parking in such a camp will cost 55 rubles per person per day. Diving lovers should go to the Atles tract, kitesurfingists and windsurfers are better off going to Lake Liman or to Karadzin Bay.

Beautiful harbor

A lot in the National Park A beautiful harbor of rare representatives of the animal and plant world. For example, here you can meet a rare white-bellied seal, stone crab, butterflies of iron satire and the Beaufem animal. You can also meet cormorants, cranes, darts, kulans, saigas and more than 50 species of animals. You can get here and see the grottoes, arches, rocky shores, warm sea, bays, beams without any problems sitting on a bus in Simferopol or Sevastopol.

Beautiful harbor Beautiful harbor Beautiful harbor Beautiful harbor Beautiful harbor Beautiful harbor
Beautiful harbor - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.416667
Longitude: 32.533333


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