Chocolate Hills Chocolate Hills Chocolate Hills Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

On the island of Bohol, which belongs to the Philippines, there are amazing hills that have glorified this area throughout the world. This natural attraction covers an area of about 50 m.2, which has more than 1260 hills. Amazing hills in the middle of the plateau are known as « Chocolate Hills », thanks to its grassy cover, which under bright sunlight acquires a brown hue.

« Chocolate Hills » in the Philippines everything, just like a selection, with the correct conical shape. The inside of the hills consists of limestone, but there is a lack of karst caves. The largest elevations reach one hundred meters, but, and the smallest – at 30 meters.

The sight that « Chocolate Hills » give us is simply unique. Against the background of green velvet forests, these elevations burned out in the sun, and indeed seem chocolate.

There is no single version among scientists about the origin of the hills in the Philippines. Some of them confidently say that the tuberous terrain was formed under the influence of the volcano. Others assure that the culprits are all raised coral deposits, under the influence of natural processes. There is another version according to which the ocean once was in place of modern hills, and when it receded, the bottom took this form.

But, as expected, this rather mysterious area is covered by « Chocolate Hills », has legends and myths among the local population. Some legend tells us that here, once there was a duel of giants, whose weapons were stones and sand. Subsequently, the giants, having reconciled, left this territory, but traces of the battle remained to this day. There is another, more romantic legend, the meaning of which is as follows: a young guy who was a giant fell in love with a girl, but love was not mutual. After the girl died, the giant grieved for a long time, and the accumulated tears from his face turned into hills.

The local leadership on Bohol Island was organized wonderful resort areas, the most favorite of which is « Chocolate Hills Resort ». This attraction is also well visible from Samboyan Mountain, where a wonderful wellness complex is located. « Chocolate Hills » in the Philippines are also protected by UNESCO.

Chocolate Hills - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 9.916667
Longitude: 124.166667


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