Brief description of the country

The Philippines ranks 13th in the world in terms of population - the island nation in Southeast Asia is home to more than 114 million people. In terms of territory, the country is in 72nd place, it covers an area of ​​almost 300 thousand square kilometers.

Beach holidays, snorkeling, diving and even swimming with sharks are popular in the Philippines. There are 18 active and 19 dormant volcanoes in the country, the top of which can be reached on foot or by excursion by seaplane.

It is best to plan your trip between November and May because the rainy season starts in summer and ends in mid-autumn. The average temperature is around +30°С, but it is cool in shopping centers and cinemas, so it is recommended to bring at least one warm item with you.

The cheapest pearls in the world are sold in the Philippines. It should be noted that the export of shells and sea souvenirs without receipts is prohibited: the airport security service can seize these items if there are no documents proving the purchase.

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