Vrijdagmarkt Square

The Vrijdagmarkt square is located in the Belgian city of Ghent, it can be found next to the Count's Castle. In society, the area is called the Friday Market, which has an area of 1 hectare. Since ancient times, the square has been the center of public life of the entire city - numerous caravans came here, and important trade transactions took place here between local residents and the city authorities, and overseas guests.

Vrijdagmarkt Square

Brief description

The city of Ghent is rich in various architectural monuments, as well as in the chic, friendly atmosphere that has reigned here for many years. It is here that a huge number of historical centers are located, one of which is the Vrijdagmarkt square. There is still a cheerful and noisy atmosphere here, with townspeople participating in various fairs and offering traditional products for sale. On Friday, the main trade is from 7:30 to 13:00, and on Saturday the Vrijdagmarkt square and shopping arcades are open from 11:00 to 18:30. On Sundays there is a bird market in the town square.

Features of the area

On the Vrijdagmarkt square there is a large number of historical buildings and sculptures - a monument to Jacob Artevelde, who at one time led the famous uprising of the people against the Count of Flanders. One of the oldest buildings located on the square is the Toreke house. The building is made in the classic Gothic style and is a true untouched architectural monument that has survived to this day in its original condition. However, the most popular among tourists and local residents on the Vrijdagmarkt square is the famous Dulla Griet beer bar. This is truly a historical establishment. It was here that a funny tradition arose - the owner of the establishment invented specially shaped glasses with a wooden stand, from which, even when drunk, it is very difficult to wet yourself. People liked the glasses so much that they started taking them home secretly. For this reason, there is still a sign in front of the entrance that says that visitors must leave their shoes as a deposit before entering. Now the tradition is now formal, but visitors to the attraction and the Vrijdagmarkt square treat it with respect.

Vrijdagmarkt Square
Vrijdagmarkt Square - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.057222
Longitude: 3.725833


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