Chiloe National Park

Chiloe is a national park located in Chile, near the city of Castro. This reserve on Chiloe Island was founded back in 1983 and occupies close 430 km2 land. The presented island is located in the so-called fjord, which is a system of huge islands that are located in southern Chile.

Chiloe National Park

Chiloe National Park is approximately 180 km long and is approximately 50 km wide. Among the Local Residents, this island is known as Isla-Grande de Chiloe and is second in size, among the rest of the Chilean Islands. These magnificent lands, surrounded by water with the continent, can only connect the ferry. The territory of the Chiloe reserve is a rather rapid area where the picturesque nature is located. Chiloe National Park in its estate also contains fishing towns called Castro and Ankud, which delight the eye with their color. The color of these cities is unusual drawings of houses called palaphitos, which are also covered with tiles and gonts. Capillas are common here, which are wooden picturesque churches. There are 150 buildings on the island, some of which are protected by UNESCO. The most famous is the charming church of St. Mary. A variety of villages – is a common occurrence of Chiloe Island.

Chiloe National Park is located in a temperate climate zone. The average annual temperature on its territory is 11 ° C, but the temperature of one of the warmest months does not rise above 15 ° C, which can be compared to May in Moscow.

Chiloe National Park

The nature of Chiloe Park is quite diverse and saturated. He is characterized by evergreen forests, although there are also leaf-bang trees that cover the hills of the reserve. A common plant species in this area is fitzroy, luma, lapazheria, pseudo-panax, notophagus.

Typical representatives of the animal world of the park have a Chilean cat, wild boar, the smallest deer in the world, the Chiloe possum, a leopard and many others live here.

Travelers will find something to do on this wonderful island, because in addition to the main attractions of the park, which are listed above, you are provided with a variety of markets where you just need to buy, as a keepsake, knitted things, as well as wicker products with a traditional pattern. You can taste the ( smoked meat ), prepared for special recipes of local chefs. You can get to Chiloe National Park using the password provided from Ankuda to Puerto Montta.

Chiloe National Park Chiloe National Park Chiloe National Park Chiloe National Park Chiloe National Park Chiloe National Park
Chiloe National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -42.1
Longitude: -74.02


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