Itaipu Dam

The mighty river Parana, which flows through the territory of Brazil, was disembarked in 1982 by the huge Ithaypu dam. The Parana River in Russian means « Mother of the Sea », it stretches close to 4880 km, flowing out from Brazil.

Itaipu Dam

An immense design with concrete was built 20 km from the city of Fos do Iguazu. Itaipu Dam stretches for as long as 8 km, and its height reaches 196 m in height. For clarity, you can compare it with a 75-story house. The width of this structure on the river is 400 meters. To build a dam on the Parana River, I had to direct the natural riverbed, the width of which is 150 meters, to the other side. For this procedure, a special channel was cut down in the rocks, 2 km long. The construction of the canal was at the completion stage in 1978, but after the removal of the river it took some time for the whole channel to dry. Thus, all the preparatory work was completed in 1979, when this important process of translating the brilliant ideas of engineering began. During the construction, powerful power unit generators were used, which in force produce 700 thousand kW each.

Itaipu Dam blocks the strong flow of a large river, as a result of which an artificial pond with a total area of 1340 km was formed in front of it. Of course, the lake flooded the entire surrounding area, from which all valuable sculptures of national importance were taken out in advance. Some archaeological sites, which are among the number of relocations from flooded territory, number 8 thousand years.

Itaipu Dam

For the sake of building the dam, Itaipu had to sacrifice magnificent natural wealth in the surrounding area. Previously, this area could boast of the magnificent waterfall of Guair, which attracted its beauty, as well as the power of water flows. But, as it turned out, the economy of – is the most important factor that, in a sense, rules the world.

On flooded territory there were many different animals who went in search of a better fate, fleeing the flood.

The area near the flooded lake was ennobled by planting trees, of which there are about 20 million.

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Itaipu Dam - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -25.408056
Longitude: -54.588889


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