Lake Neusiedl

On the square, Neusiedl Lake ranks 4th in Europe ( 315 square meters. km ). Its majority is located in Austria, only 13% belongs to Hungary, where it is called Ferta. Listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. Under the lake there is its « double » – underground lake, accurately copying the outlines of the ground.

Lake Neusiedl

According to scientists, a salt shaker lake was formed more than 20 thousand years ago. The shallow lake – the maximum depth is only 1.8 m. It dried almost completely several times. Solonchak steppes extend south-east of the lake, in which nature reserves and national parks are located both in the Austrian and Hungarian territories. In the west of the lake are hills made of lime rocks. The area is quite wooded, the diversity of plant species, including rare ones, will impress any biologist.

Flora and fauna of Lake Neusiedler

The shape of the lake cannot be called correct – it is pulled from south to north. The shore of the lake is badly cut, forming many bays. Kamysh covers most of the surface of the pond. The abundance of fish attracts many fishermen, but for fishing you need to get special permission. There are sazans, pike, vunas, zadaks. In total, there are more than 15 species. More than 300 species of different birds nest on the lake, among them there are quite rare – moons, hawks, dough duck, herons, eagle-white tail. Ornithologists constantly monitor them.

Lake Neusiedl

Students and teachers at the University of Vienna have created the highly popular « open-air laboratories ». The main theme of the work is – saving the lake. Their efforts were not in vain – in 1993, the Neusiedler-Zeevinkel National Park was opened here. On the Hungarian side around the lake, protected areas are also created.


Neusiedler Lake has long attracted thousands of tourists from both Austria and around the world. Since it is shallow, the water in it quickly warms up, there are practically no currents, swimming in it is safe. Someone is interested in the magnificent local natural landscapes, flora and fauna of the lake, fishing and equipped beaches, and someone prefers active relaxation. For them, boat rental and surfboards are provided. Windsurfing and sailing on the lake are very popular. In winter, tourists are attracted by surfing on ice. Those who wish can use the services of instructors.

Near Lake Neusiedler, Przewalsky horses are bred in a special center. A riding school is open here. Instructors are happy to educate everyone. Tourists often spend time in reeds – it is so interesting to watch birds. For movement, you can rent bicycles or go for a horse ride. There are many hotels near the park. One of the largest resorts is the city of Neuzidl-am-Zee, located in the north of the lake. There are many guest houses, good cafes, and most importantly – a wide landscaped beach. Tourists stay not only in coastal cities, but also in hotels opened directly in national parks. Well-maintained beaches on the lake are mostly grassy, most often located near the towns.

Lake Neusiedl Lake Neusiedl Lake Neusiedl Lake Neusiedl Lake Neusiedl Lake Neusiedl

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Lake Neusiedl - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -47.8333
Longitude: -163.25


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