Brief description of the country

Switzerland is a federal republic in Central Europe, consisting of 26 cantons with an area of more than 41,000 square kilometers and a population of over 8 million people.

Here you can see medieval abbeys, panoramas of the Alps, ski, relax in thermal spas and taste cheese and chocolate, which are recognized as the best in the world. The country is associated with stability in all directions. The climate is temperate: in winter the average temperature is +1.5°C, in summer - +17°C. The most favorable period for travel is summer. The ski season starts in December and ends in March, some resorts are open all year round.

Rivers and lakes make up 6% of fresh water in Europe, but Switzerland has no access to the sea, so there are no equipped beaches. In addition to skiing, bobsledding, curling, parachuting, camping, hiking and cycling are popular activities. As a memory of the trip, you can bring cheese, chocolate, watches, music boxes in the form of houses.

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