Cal Orcko

In one of the poorest countries in the world, Bolivia, near the town of Sucre, there is a Kal-Orko rock, which the whole world has already learned about, although it was previously invisible. In the same place is a small cement plant, along which there is a huge wall, with a height of 30-story house, with a length of 1.2 km.

Cal Orcko

This place began to acquire popularity in 1994, when Klaus Shutt went to the factory for a walk. From the discovered picture, he was just in shock. This unusual structure aroused particular interest in Klaus Shutta, because, firstly, its large size was surprised, and secondly, traces of dinosaurs were captured here. In 1998, a whole group of scientific researchers arrived in Bolivia, led by paleontologist Christian Meyer from Switzerland, to study the stone wall.

Scientists have found that the traces on Cal-Orco really belong to these prehistoric animals, and they were counted at least 5000. In this place, many different examinations were carried out, with the help of which it was concluded that 294 dinosaurs left traces, about 68 million years ago. It was then that this area was filled with fresh water, after which these animals came. After some time, the local area turned into a mountain range, as a result of which the movement of tectonic plates occurred, with the help of which the former bottom of the lake was raised to the surface.

Cal Orcko

Since 2006, many tourists come to see the Dinosaur Wall in Bolivia. Here, local authorities organized a dinosaur museum, where these ancient animals are presented in full growth. Travelers are happy to see the layouts of the animals themselves, and then go to taste the unique find that the dinosaurs themselves left for us as a gift. The museum in Cal-Orco is certainly paid, but what you see is undoubtedly worth it.

Cal Orcko Cal Orcko Cal Orcko Cal Orcko Cal Orcko Cal Orcko
Cal Orcko - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -19.004956
Longitude: -65.235


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