Brief description of the country

Kyrgyzstan is located in Central Asia. It occupies the 85th place in the world in terms of area (almost 200 thousand square kilometers). More than 6 million people live here. The state language is Kyrgyz, but many people understand Russian. The climate is sharply continental.

Kyrgyzstan is called a country of contrasts, because in the countryside people move on horses and old buses, and in the cities you can see a lot of modern cars. Religious temples coexist with futuristic buildings. Many buildings of Soviet architecture have been preserved.

Mountains occupy most of the territory. In winter, you can come to the republic to go skiing or snowboarding. The ski season continues until mid-April. Tours to historical places are popular in autumn. Spring in Kyrgyzstan is especially beautiful. The country is covered with flowering fields. Many festivals take place in the summer, you can try to live like nomads in yurts and relax by the Issyk-Kul lake. Not far from the shore of the lake there are hot mineral springs.

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