Brief description of the country

Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and covers almost 70,000 km2. The state is rich in minerals. Water from mineral springs is sold to other countries. The northeast of the country is occupied by mountains. In Georgia, you can relax on the beach, swim in the Black Sea, visit mountain caves and admire ancient monuments. Pilgrims come to touch Christian shrines. The locals are very hospitable.

You can visit the country at any time of the year. Roads are in satisfactory condition. The climate is transitional from subtropical to temperate. It is mild, but the weather is changeable. Even on a summer trip, it is worth taking a jacket and an umbrella with you. The sea breezes take the heat off. Cool autumn weather sets in November. In winter, the temperature approaches zero, frosts occur in the mountains.

Meat dishes predominate in the national cuisine, but barbecue is not marinated here. But the main dishes are served with a lot of sauces. Home winemaking is widespread. Wine began to be made in Georgia 7 thousand years ago.

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