Brief description of the country

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a state of South Asia. It is located between India and China on the slopes of the Eastern Himalayas. The territory covers 47,000 km2. The population is about 800,000 people.

The capital is Thimphu, Lamaism is recognized as the state religion. There are many fortified monasteries in Bhutan, where thousands of people live. They are on the rocks. There are many nature reserves in the central and southern parts of the kingdom. In Bhutan, hunting and deforestation are prohibited. Here you can see snow leopards, Bengal tigers, leopards, pandas, deer and other animals. The country is attractive for ornithologists, because almost 700 species of birds live in it.

Hiking and horseback riding are popular among tourists. Tours take 2-3 days, some travelers go on expeditions for several months. You can go rafting on the mountain rivers. The market sells ritual masks for good luck, carpets made of natural wool, jewelry and souvenirs with the symbols of the Kingdom. You need to be prepared for the fact that since 2004 the country has introduced a ban on the sale of tobacco products.

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