Brief description of the country

Abkhazia is a historical region of the Western Caucasus. It is located in the mountains, to which, according to legend, Prometheus was chained for stealing fire from the Gods for people.

The autonomous republic consists of 7 regions with a population of over 243,000 people. The territory is located between the rivers Psou and Ingur. It is washed by the Black Sea. The climate is humid subtropical. Thanks to the picturesque natural landscapes, clean beaches, Abkhazia has become a resort. Hiking, river rafting, helicopter tours and paragliding are popular here. Flora and fauna are striking in their diversity. You can go to the Sukhum Botanical Garden, which is open all year round.

The solar republic is hospitable. The locals are friendly towards tourists. They have a rich original culture. People speak Abkhazian. Russian is considered the second official language, so everyone understands it well. Abkhazians communicate calmly and politely. A vivid display of feelings is not welcome. National cuisine is very high-calorie. Dairy products, flour products and meat dishes predominate.

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