Lake District

Lake District is a region in England located in the county of Cambria and known for its picturesque mountain landscapes with a large number of lakes. These places have inspired painters and poets for many years.

Lake District

This area appeared after the last ice age, ending 15,000 years ago. Glaciers made their way, raising tons of rocks. After melting glaciers, valleys appeared, mountainous with lakes with cleanest water. The largest of the lakes are Derwent Water, Windermere, Bassentwate, Alswwater. There is also the highest mountain in England - Scofel Pike and the national park of the same name as Lake District. Lake District covers an area of 2,362 km2 .

Due to the abundance of rains, there are many lakes in the Lake District, and the hills are covered with moor plants. Many centuries-old oaks and pines grow in forests. In the 18th century, tourists begin to flock to the Lake District, for whom they publish "Guides by Lakes", they build observation platforms from which you can admire the beauties today. In 1810, the "Lake Guide" was published, written by William Wordsworth and reprinted 5 times. In 1846, a railway was built to the city of Kendal, so that the flow of travelers would significantly increase, and at the same time as the railway in the Lake District, a ship transport was also developed that rolled tourists on lakes.

Lake District

Lake District is the birthplace of a wide variety of wildlife, due to various topography, lakes and forests. Here lives the largest number of red squirrels in England. Also, fish is under guard here, so fishing is prohibited in many lakes. Under special protection is a rivet, an Arctic char and sig. The threat to fish is also represented by the launch of fish in the lake not from the local fauna, which carry new diseases and eat fish caviar. The rivet, the caviar of which is in the water for 120 days, is especially sensitive in this regard. From the birds here you can see the Korshuns, Kanyukovs, Sapsans.

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Lake District - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 54.5
Longitude: -3.166667


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