The Thames is older than London itself; the river has become the center of the entire city, covering an area of 1,500 square kilometers. London is one of the largest financial, entertainment and trading centers in the world, partly due to its proximity to this large river. London's Thames has a rich history, with many of the city's biggest tourist attractions scattered along its banks.


History that has survived to this day

The Romans first used the Thames upon their arrival in the country in 43 AD. It became a major strategic location for the empire, and until its collapse in the 5th century, the Roman Empire used the river and then the city of Londinium. Since medieval times, the Thames became a center for the ceramics trade due to its abundance of minerals and easy transport along the river. Throughout the 9th century, the Saxons and Vikings clashed over the use of the river. The Saxons wanted to use it for fishing and mill racing, while the Vikings considered the river a route for the import and export of goods.

Special river

The Thames is the longest river in England, stretching 346 kilometers from Gloucestershire through London to the Thames Estuary, from where it flows into the North Sea. As the drainage basin for the whole of London, the river has water drops of up to 7 metres. It also includes about 50 tributaries and contains more than 80 islands in its course. Overall, the river promises curious visitors plenty of attractions and entertainment at Grand London Lancaster Gate.


Attractions of the Thames

In the east of the city you can see rural canal-side wetlands and nature reserves. The Tottenham, Hackney and Walthamstow canal network drains into the River Lea, itself a branch of the Thames. The south bank offers stunning views of the river and many theatrical and film attractions, including the National Theater and the British Film Institute.

Further along the river you'll find Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament overlooking the Thames, and near Tower Bridge lies the ancient foodie paradise of Borough Market. The London Bridge area promises even more historic riverside attractions, with the Golden Hind and Globe Theater being replicas of Elizabethan architectural icons.

Thames Thames Thames Thames Thames Thames
Thames - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 51.4942
Longitude: 0.7303


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