Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree is a US national park founded in 1994 on an area of 3196 km2. The main goal of creating the park was to preserve the poor, but extremely interesting desert flora, which so hardly endures all the hardships of dry and salty land. For example, in the Imperial Valley, air temperature sometimes reaches the 50-degree mark, but nevertheless, tourists visit its parts because of cave paintings of old gold mines.

Joshua Tree National Park

The territory of Joshua Three Park is located in two deserts at once: Colorado and Mojave. Here amazing forests from short-leaved yucca grow, which, due to the characteristic shape of the branches, the first settlers called the tree of Joshua. The tree is compared with a person whose hands are raised up for prayer.

Judging by archaeological finds, the first people settled these places about 8,000 years ago - these were the Indian Pinto tribe. Then there was lush vegetation, and melting glaciers formed a lot of rivers and lakes, herds of camels, mastodonts, horses, mammoths and bison walked along the plains. But about 4,000 years ago, all the drinking sources dried up, and the area was reincarnated into a scorched desert. The first settlers in Joshua Three appeared around the 19th century who were looking for gold here.

Joshua Tree National Park

From vegetation in Joshua Three, Choll cacti, juniper, colosovid cactus predominate, and by itself huge yucca called Joshua. It is best to visit the park in the spring, when vegetation flourishes here. In the information center on the map, the places of accumulation of glades with flowers will be marked. The Yukka tree grows to a height of 6 meters, it has a curved trunk with branches, ending with a bunch of corners slightly similar to leaves. In the flowers of the Joshua tree, cream shades and in shape are like bells. The Indians living here used wood wood to warm and weave baskets and shoes, and ate flowers.

The flora of the park is not diverse. Here you can easily meet Canadian snow sheep, and there are also many rattles of snakes.


Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 33.788394
Longitude: -115.898222


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