Quinta da Regaleira Quinta da Regaleira Quinta da Regaleira Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira

Quinta da Regaleira – is an amazing estate park, which is a rather mysterious area. This attraction of Portugal, full of secrets and mysteries, lures many travelers to its territory. There is a park area in the Portuguese city of Sintra, which is 30 kilometers from Lisbon.

Tourists who find themselves in the park-estate immediately forget about daily fussing work, because here everything is very unusual and interesting. Scientists from all over the world are breaking their heads over the puzzles of Quinta da Regaleyra and in our time.

The name of the park was received in honor of the owner of the Viscontessa Regaleyra, who owned the local estate since 1840. In 1892, Carvalho Monteiro, who was a millionaire from Brazil, redeemed this area. It was this man who decided to do something unusual and grand here. The idea of a millionaire has happened, because the park area is admired in our time. But it is not possible for an untrained, uninformed tourist to understand all the symbols of religions, as well as the Freemasonry, Templars who are represented here. For a more fascinating tour, we advise you to prepare a little before going to the park or hire an experienced guide. If there is no desire to plunge into the significance of numerous symbols, as well as various signs, then you can simply admire the wonderful grottoes, caves, as well as other local designs.

At the very entrance to the park, the palace of Quinta da Regaleyr rises, which is erected, adhering to the Neomanuelino style. The entrance to the palace is open, going where you can appreciate the threaded on the stone, where images of various mystical animals, as well as plants, are presented.

Here is the library organized by Monteiro himself, though the books are located under thick glass and there is unfortunately no way to look through their pages.

On one of the ornaments of the castle’s windowsill is an armillary sphere, with which they could determine the coordinates of celestial bodies. This tool is located on several more sculptures in the park itself. Near the palace, the Roman Catholic chapel attracts attention.

The owner was completely devoted to his park, because he lived here, not interested in urban affairs. Quinta da Regaleyra Park holds a large number of different grottoes, most of which are prohibited from entering, since you can not find a way back. Some caves lead to a lake where ducks swim and fish live.

The spiral staircase of the well, which has a 30-meter depth, is quite surprising. The staircase holds nine levels, each of which has 15 steps. The levels are not just like that, but have their own meaning: nine circles of hell, purgatory and paradise. At the back of the well is the Tamplier Cross. From the very bottom of the mysterious building there is access to the cave, which leads to the girk. It was here that the action of initiation into the Freemasons ended, the stage when the initiate is stoned, which leads through the river. In the park, this is not the only well, but only in this tourists have the opportunity to go down. There are also mysterious grottoes that contain various signs symbolizing Freemasonry. In different parts of the park area there is an image of a lily or trilistnik, which are also related to the symbols of the Masonic lodge. Such a sign symbolizes the grass that at one time warriors took camping, because it was considered a well-known active treatment for many diseases.

The estate of Quinta da Regaleyra since 1997 belongs to the city hall. From Lisbon to Sintra you can reach by using an electric train, but it’s not difficult to walk to the very attraction in the city.

Quinta da Regaleira - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 38.796353
Longitude: -9.396031


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