St Mark's Basilica

St Mark's Basilica is located in Northern Italy, or rather in the beautiful city of Venice. Today, it is a unique cultural monument where very interesting exhibits are collected. This cathedral rises in the main square of Venice, which bears the name - St. Mark's Square. Nearby, there is a great monument - the Palace of Doge.

St Mark's Basilica

St. Mark's Cathedral is a prominent representative of Byzantine architecture. Small mosaics decorated the walls of the cathedral, which emphasize this style. The completion date of this attraction in Italy is 829 years. It was erected during the reign of the Doge of Giustiano Partechipatsi. The main function of the cathedral – storage of the remains of the patron saint of this city – St. Mark. In 927, there was a fire and destroyed part of the structure, which Domenico Kontarini finished reconstructing in 1071. Under Domenik Selvo, who was appointed to the post of doge a little later, this temple began to be transformed by a variety of decorations, including mosaics and marble. Over the years, the temple has been constantly supplemented and changed its appearance. Various architects carried out work on cladding walls with marble, decorating domes, attaching chapels and baptistery. The cathedral played a very important role in the political, religious and public life of the city. The most important ceremonies took place here, which are associated with the public proclamation of a new ruler, the meeting of important guests of the city, as well as other official ceremonies ( parting troops before the military campaign ).

St. Mark's Cathedral, made in the form of a Greek cross, over which five domes adorned with a golden mosaic rise. The floor, as well as the bearing columns, embellishes dark green marble. Power of St. Brands are, of course, under the world-famous main altar, which is chicly decorated with a golden frame, as well as two thousand gemstones. This altar is a huge jewelry that simply has no equal.

St Mark's Basilica

The quadriga with harnessed horses, which was created in the 4th century BC, also looks beautiful. e, she was once a decoration of the arch of Traian. The original of this composition is located in the San Marco Museum, and on one of the facades – a copy made of bronze.

For centuries, this cathedral has connected relics that simply have no price. They got here after the defeat of Constantinople, thanks to the crusaders. There are also many priceless icons and different relics.

The temple is also known for acoustics, which lures many musicians and composers at different times.

The basilica is often depicted in historical paintings, as well as in the form of romantic Venice, but no photographs and drawings can convey his majesty. It is worth looking at St. Mark's Cathedral with his own eyes in order to warm your soul with pleasant memories for a long time.

Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of St. Mark Cathedral of St. Mark
St Mark's Basilica - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 45.434378
Longitude: 12.339875


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