Valley of flowers

The – Valley of Flowers is an incredibly beautiful place located in India. This national park has found its place in the middle of the Himalayas Mountains. The reserve is famous for its excellent meadows of flowers, which have a bright color and stupefying aroma.

Valley of flowers

The valley of flowers was announced by the national park in 1982, and since 2005 it has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Register. The total area of the valley is 88 hectares, but it belongs to the national park, whose territory is 8750 hectares.

The valley of flowers has an unusual beauty that nature itself has created. There are plants and animals, including endemic, which are threatened with extinction.

Valley of flowers

The valley of flowers is so beautiful that you just can't look away. It is filled with wonderful landscapes of steep cliffs, green forests, as well as waterfalls. Residents of the surrounding area are convinced that fairies roam the land of the valley.

This area serves as housing for many endangered species of animals. Among them is the Himalayan and Asian bear, blue ram, leopard, as well as hares, foxes, mice. The valuable birds of this land are considered to be golden eagle, pawn, pheasant and many others. A great addition to flowering plants are numerous butterflies fluttering from flower to flower. And there are plenty of flowers here: poppies, blue, luxurious lilies, white daisies, calendula and whole carpeted anemones. The local territory is also generous with medicinal plant species. Representatives of the fauna of the Valley of Flowers are also whole forests of trees.

The second half of the summer period is best suited to visit this reserve. The air temperature reaches its maximum mark somewhere at 17 degrees Celsius, and the minimum at around 7 ° C. This temperature is most suitable for a mountain trip.

Here, snow-capped peaks and mirror smooth of lakes also open in the eye. A lot of flowers are often visited by various excursion groups. This area will especially appeal to true connoisseurs of natural beauty, as well as to lovers of flowers, which are simply countless every year. Their color scheme, which changes every month, attracts a large number of tourists.

To get into the Valley of Flowers, you need to go through a fairly large stretch of track ( 17 km. ) on foot. For a successful tour you need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Children under 10 years old are not recommended, since a long hiking trail tires even adults.

But, believe me, as soon as you see the beauty of the Valley of Flowers, your fatigue will pass immediately. This area will surely give you positive emotions and wonderful memories.

Valley of flowers Valley of flowers Valley of flowers Valley of flowers Valley of flowers Valley of flowers
Valley of flowers - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 30.733333
Longitude: 79.633333


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