White Desert National Park White Desert National Park White Desert National Park White Desert National Park

White Desert National Park

The White Desert is a national park located in Egypt in eastern Sahara. White Desert Square approximately 300 km2. Located five hundred kilometers from Cairo.

The white desert is famous for its outlandish karst formations. 80 million years ago, the desert was the bottom of the ocean. Over time, the water left, leaving behind deposits from parts of marine animals such as snails, crabs, plankton, corals. Sand and white rock look very contrasting against each other's background. For thousands of years, erosion has been processing rocks, and now we can see many unusual figures similar to: mushrooms, sphinx head, partridges. The height of some sculptures reaches twelve meters. Many original natural sculptures were destroyed by sloppy tourists. Therefore, in 2002 this area was proclaimed the national park of Egypt.

It is easier to reach the White Desert on foot, or on a powerful SUV, because the wheels drown because of the soft sand. Quite often, travelers set up campgrounds here, it’s easier to enjoy the unique nature. In the moonlight, all the figures look fantastic. But in order to get here you need to get special permission. Guides can easily help you deal with these nuances. Of the animals, phenecs, small rodents and gazelles collide here. You can also see camel caravans.

White Desert National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 27.316667
Longitude: 27.966667


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