Terra Nova National Park Terra Nova National Park Terra Nova National Park Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park

Terra Nova National Park is Canada's National Park, located in the northeast of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Terra Nova, the Latin form of the name of Newfoundland Island - a new land, is Canada's easternmost national park.

The park is located on the shores of Bonavista Bay in the eastern part of the island, 200 km west of the provincial capital, St. John's. Park area 400 km2. A national park was formed in 1957 as a natural institution whose activities are aimed at protecting local areas of boreal forest. Trails are held in the reserve, there are many places for camping and a center for visitors is built. It offers beautiful views of Newman Strait.

The surrounding natural landscape was significantly influenced by glaciers. Terra Nova Park has many ponds, moraine, Drumlin. The coastline is alternating bays, braids and deep fjords. In the sea you can often see icebergs. Every year, about 400 icebergs from the Arctic, who overcame the shores of Greenland and the Buffin Earth, reach the coast of Newfoundland. Traveling to the borders of the park takes several years for these ice blocks. But how majestic the masses of ice look, sometimes representing real ice sculptures. Some icebergs here reach 15 - 20 meters in height, and in width they can often compare with a full-fledged football field.

The plant world of Terra Nova Park is represented mainly by boreal forests with such dominant species as black spruce and balsamic fir. Orchids and insectivorous plants grow in numerous peatlands, as well as moss sfagnum.

The fauna of Terra Nova National Park is represented by two categories of species: local and imported. Local species include beavers, black bears, caribou, Pennsylvania flights, otters and lynxes, while the island was brought with ordinary beetroot, American whitewashed, American mink and moose. The rocky coastline is a favorite habitat for birds. Among them are species such as river dye, ordinary purge, white-headed eagle. From marine animals, it is quite often necessary to meet whales in the waters of the park. The whale company in the waters of Terra Nova Park is composed of small strips, killer whales, Greenland seals, dolphins and squids.

During a visit to Terra Nova National Park, two fully equipped campsites located in the areas of the Young and Newman Bay will be provided at your service. Guests of the park can also take the opportunity to go on a canoe or kayak waterway, on a hiking trail along a variety of paths in the park. You can more fully get acquainted with representatives of local flora and fauna in museums and at park exhibitions. Every day, the guests of the park are entertained by an evening show. You can relax with all the conditions at the local hotel, have dinner at the restaurant.

Terra Nova National Park - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 48.530556
Longitude: -53.928056


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