The beauty of the Turkish mountains

The beauty of the Turkish mountains

Turkey — unique country: it is located in Asia and Europe. In the north state washed by the Black Sea, on the western side of — by the waters of the Aegean Sea, on the southern side — by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is considered a mountain, respectively, climate has a high zonality. In the central regions, the summer is very hot, and in winter it’s cold, and on the coast winter is mild.

The highest the point is Mount Ararat, it is called an extinct volcano in the heart of Armenian highlands. The lands of Western Armenia belong to Turkey, they officially moved from Armenian SSR. To conquer the top of the mountain, you need to get a special permission. The highest peak of the Pontic Mountains is Kachkar Dagi. Climb to the top and descent takes about 2 days. Better to go in a group so as not get lost in unfamiliar terrain.

The most beautiful views from the mountains open at dawn and sunset. In these moments, nature dissolves in the sun and envelops everyone with inspiration. If I could to draw, I would definitely take a canvas and paint to write a picture. Mountains decorate Turkey, this is the pride of the local people.




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