China knows how to surprise

China knows how to surprise

China has the most difficult road junction in the world Juanjuvang. It was built in Chongqing, and it has 20 congresses, which, in turn, intertwined at 5 levels and connected by 3 speed motorways. This is not a road, but a whole maze! I would not risk getting settled to work as a driver, because if the exit is mistaken, you will have to go around the whole city. The head can spin from such a movement. 

I admire intellectual abilities Chinese people. I am writing this blog from a Chinese smartphone and admire that scientists from China have created a modified plant-lantern. The plant is called Renmin Zhibao, and it can glow in the dark. 

Also in China, the fizalis is growing, alternative name ─ Chinese lantern. This can be explained by the similarity of the shell for berries with Chinese paper lamp. By the way, decorative Chinese lanterns can be grow in different countries, the main thing is ─ to ensure that the soil is good moistened. Fizalis begins to bloom in late August until late autumn. 



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