Bali ─ the place where dreams come true

Bali ─ the place where dreams come true

Bali Island in Indonesia Travelers called a fabulous place, because here a person can quickly come to inner harmony. Sounds a little childish, but still want to believe that the island is special.

Bali occupies just over 5.5 thousand square kilometers, and this allows you to get anywhere in the island in just a couple of hours. To me I liked that the temperature all year round remains at about the same level: in the shade of + 32 ° C, and at night ─ + 24 ° C. In the mountains, of course, it will be cooler. Season rains all winter and March, so it’s better not to choose this period for travel.

Local residents believe in the power of spirits, medicine is poorly developed, therefore, they turn to shamans for recovery. Perhaps they have a powerful energy. In Bali, you can charge the energy of the sun, swim, sunbathe and surf or diving.

And there are many temples here, you can get acquainted with religion, Balinese culture, traditions and customs. During holidays for tourists allowed to visit rice terraces and see how workers sift grain. Rice in Bali ─ is not just food, but part of local culture. People believe that rice has healing properties and contributes to longevity. As entertainment can be seen by buffalo races that are regularly held. 



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