Cruise trip to China

Cruise trip to China

Cruise liners are less likely to visit the port of Sanya on Hainan Island, but the view of them opens up simply amazing. Go to shore is possible if you have a Chinese visa. When buying a ticket for a cruise, a visa not automatically issued.

There are few attractions in Sanya, a lot of shops and shops. Most of them are designed for tourists: prices are very high, therefore I do not recommend going to shopping. Nobody wants to buy goods 100 times more expensive. And it’s better to have a yuan with you, so shopping will be cheaper course.

The closest attraction to Sanya on the island considered the Nanshan Buddhist Center. The territory of the center is large, so it’s not worth it save on shuttle bass. You can see the 108-meter statue of Guanin, Bogini mercy.

I also advise you to visit Mount Changbay in China, the height of which is almost 2,700 meters above the sky. Local proudly call her the first mountain in the northeast. Here is a reserve, the region is officially guarded since 1961. For tourists, 3 routes are open. 



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