National Park Lake Crater

Crater Lake is a US national park, the main feature of which is Lake Crater in the vent of an extinct volcano. The park accounts for 5 open national parks in the United States, it was opened in 1902. The lake is the deepest in the United States, and its lowest point is 597 meters.

National Park Lake Crater

Of the Americans, John Wesley Hillman was the first to visit here in 1953, seeing him, he decided to give him the name "deep blue lake". Subsequently, the lake was renamed Blue Lake, then the majestic Lake, but later acquired the current name - Lake Crater. The scale of the lake is amazing, the length is 9.6 km, and the width is almost 8.

Of the indigenous inhabitants, the Indians of the Klamaz tribe were among the first to visit here. They consider this mountain sacred, and a legend exists about it. In these places, 2 gods collided in a terrible battle: Skell and Lleo. During the battle, they destroyed Mount Mazama, thus creating Lake Crater. The Indians climbed the mountain in search of enlightenment and who did it was called spiritually rich. But in fact, the lake arose during the eruption of the volcano in 4860 BC.

National Park Lake Crater

In the landscape of the park, Lake Crater has many rivers and waterfalls, while the total area of the park is 742 km2 of which 200 km2 occupy forests of pines, fir and shrink. For the convenience of visitors, 225 kilometers of routes are laid. During the walk you can meet: lynx, hawk, groundhog, bear, deer. Other types of outdoor activities are also presented in the park, such as cycling or a boat, you can even fish and do not need any licenses for this. Also, for the convenience of guests, a travel assistance center, restaurants, campsites, hotels have been built. A path of almost 4 km was drawn to the top of the mountain, and in good weather from the mountain you can Cascading Mountains in the north and the plateau of the Columbia River in the east.

Crater Lake will leave indelible memories to everyone who has visited this corner of nature, and serves as a model for the conservation of colorful natural objects in other parts of our planet. Crater Park does not stop remaining one of the most popular places in the United States.

National Park Lake Crater National Park Lake Crater National Park Lake Crater
National Park Lake Crater - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 42.933333
Longitude: -122.116667


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