Kirstenbosch – is an excellent botanical garden located near Cape Town in the Republic of South Africa. Here, at the foot of the Table Mountain, many plants gathered in Kirstenbosch, including endemic species.


Previously, plants of this territory were actively destroyed, and wood from a given area served as material for the construction of ships. In 1657, forestry was first founded here, and the history of Kirstenbosch began. In 1895, the territory of the modern garden was bought by Cecil Rhodes, who seriously took up tree planting. After the founder of the garden died, the area began to belong to the people, and in 1911 a director appeared in him, who became Harold Pearson, a biologist for education. But formally, the Kirstenbosh Botanical Garden, together with the manager, was recognized by the local government only in 1913. It is from Pearson's initiative that the area is successfully filled with a variety of plants, including trees and shrubs. Thanks to the director of the botanical garden, more than one species of endemic plants of this area was saved. Nowadays, the Kirstenbosh Botanical Garden boasts more than one thousand saved plants, characteristic only of South Africa, than became famous throughout the world.

The area where the garden is located is quite poor in soil and nutrients, but belongs to the floristic zone, where rich vegetation is represented. The entire territory of the botanical garden is 528 hectares, but only 36 hectares belong to the zone where they are engaged in intensive care and reproduction of plants.


The climate park is Mediterranean, which is characterized by a dry long summer and a rainy cool winter. The park has a chic look all year round, but in order to have time to admire the maximum number of flowering plants, it is advisable to visit it from late winter to early summer.

The entire Kirstenbosh Botanical Garden is endowed with two main types of vegetation – shrubs ( phinbosh ), which perfectly tolerates heat and winter coolness, and forests. One cannot fail to mention the local flower, which is a symbol of African plants. Protea – are unique flowers that bloom from late winter to summer. The stalk of these evergreen plants reaches about 3 m, and the flowers themselves contain so much nectar that pollination does not occur with bees, but with birds and various small mammals.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden is very popular among tourists from other countries, as well as local residents. Here in summer, concerts are regularly held in the fresh air. The beauty of the garden plants, as well as the mountain air fill them with a special charm.

Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch

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Kirstenbosch - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -33.989444
Longitude: 18.430278


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