Hiller Lake

On the edge of Sredinny Island, which belongs to the huge archipelago called Recherche, there is an unusual lake called Hiller, which is known as the Pink Lake. This natural attraction is attracting more and more tourists to Australia.

Hiller Lake

The decoration of the pond is also huge green eucalyptus, which looks especially beautiful against the background of pink water. A wide strip of sand dunes separates this pink lake surface from the ocean.

Unusual Lake Hiller in Australia, was discovered by a navigator from Britain back in 1802. Matthew Flinders, who was on his way to Sydney, decided to stay on this islet for relaxation. He immediately noticed an unusual natural pond, which was characterized by the color of water.

Hiller Lake

After some time, the first people settle here, who were mainly seal hunters, as well as whalers.

Around the beginning of the twentieth century and over the course of six years, salt is actively being mined here. Since the lake did not bring much benefit, they forgot about it for a while.

In 1950, an expedition set off for Lake Hiller, the purpose of which was the cause of an unusual color of water. Prior to the results of the examination, there was an opinion that the color of the water depends on local algae.

Scientists were surprised when their guesses were not confirmed by more than one analysis. The water color secret of Lake Hiller is still not solved, which attracts special attention of tourists.

Hiller Lake keeps a legend that a small number of sailors and even fewer ordinary residents know. This legend tells that around the 17th century a ship appeared under water, which crashed. Only the only sailor who was on the island with a considerable amount of injuries managed to survive. The injured sailor could move with great difficulty, because each movement brought him hellish pain. The sailor, having tormented himself for several weeks, shouted: « I will sell my soul to the devil, if only this torment would stop! ». It was at that time that an unusual person came out of the bushes, holding in his hands two filled jugs – one with milk and the second with blood. He poured liquid from one and the second jug into the lake and said that if you swim in this water, you can forget about pain and hunger. The sailor went into unusual pink water and plunged headlong, and when he went out, there was no stranger anymore, and pain and hunger really did not feel. By the way, in translating the name of the lake from English sounds like a Healer.

Hiller Lake Hiller Lake Hiller Lake Hiller Lake Hiller Lake Hiller Lake
Hiller Lake - geographical coordinates
Latitude: -34.095833
Longitude: 123.202778


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