Brief description of the country

Until 1935, Iran was called Persia. Civilization here originated long before our era. The country is located in Southwest Asia and occupies more than half a million square kilometers. This allows her to be in 17th place in the world in terms of area. The capital of the state is Tehran. The official language is Farsi, but many people understand English.

More than 60 peoples live in Iran, the majority profess Islam. Dress modestly here. Men are not allowed to wear short shirts and trousers. Women, on the other hand, must completely cover their arms and legs; only long and wide skirts are allowed. Over tight clothing, you need to wear a cape. Beaches in Iran are separate for men and women.

Alcohol is banned in this country. You can not only buy it, but also bring it with you. It is best to come to the homeland of the great Persian poets from mid-April to early summer or from September to November. In summer it is very hot, the temperature can reach +50°С. In winter, the temperature drops to -10°C. The roads are very good. There is car sharing here, but it is not popular. You can use public transport or order a taxi.

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