Archaeological Park Solstício

In the depths of the Brazilian forests, in the northeastern part of the state of Ampa, there is a local attraction from the time of the megatta — a circle of vertically granite plates — Sulstisiu Park. An unusual object of history attracts many tourists and lovers of antiquity.

Archaeological Park Solstício

From history

Before colonial times, the territory of modern Brazil was inhabited by Indians, tribes were engaged in agriculture, hunting, cattle breeding and gathering. The level of development was not high. In the legends of some tribes, there were references to certain « sons of the sky » or « gods from the north », who visited the local lands and shared their knowledge with their inhabitants. The discovery of the lands of South America occurred in 1500 by Portuguese sailors.

Stone circles

Sulstisiu Stone Park was known to the local population back in the 20s of the last century, but its study was actively engaged only in 2006. 127 granite plates are built in a circle, the height of some reaches 3 meters. Archaeological excavations in the territory helped to detect ceramic shards, however, it was not possible to accurately determine their age.

Archaeological Park Solstício

According to scientists, stone rings served ancient tribes as an observatory, such conclusions were drawn on the basis of stone observation on the day of the winter solstice. The shadow from one of the blocks completely disappears, at the moment when the sun is exactly above it. This phenomenon gave the name to the Sulstisiu park from Portuguese - « Sonnest ». According to another version, stones built in the form of a circle were used by shamans of Native American tribes to communicate with spirits and other magical rituals. By analogy with the British Neolithic Archeology Monument, Brazilian stone circles are called the Amazonian Stonehenge.

If we draw an analogy with other similar designs, they all carry a certain mystery. It is believed that similar « traces » were left in different parts of our planet by aliens from space. But this theory has no scientific evidence. This kind of find is quite serious. If ancient tribes used Sulstisiu for astronomical observations, then their level of development was much higher than previously anticipated. Or, the territory of modern South America in the Neolithic era was somehow visited by the same « sons of the sky » that set stone rings in other places.

Archaeological Park Solstício Archaeological Park Solstício
Archaeological Park Solstício - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 2.476667
Longitude: -51.010556


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