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Palmyra is a real miracle in the middle of the desert in Syria. You can often hear what it is called « the bride of the desert ». This ancient monument of history is located 150 km from the Syrian city of Homs. Palmyra lures travelers with its silence, tranquility and beauty.

The ancient city is as if one whole with the local nature. Columns of historical architectural monuments grew, right among the yellow sand of this valley. Their walls are decorated with excellent stone cross section. Here you can see wonderful engraving of vines with leaves, as well as animals and birds.

Palmyra was previously inhabited by various nations, which wandered in the desert and, as a rule, obeyed different gods. The most magnificent temple of this area is confined to the sky god ( Bela or Baal ). This structure stood out quite strongly against the background of other buildings. It had a large hall with a total area of 200 sq.m. This impeccable temple has been famous throughout the Ancient East and has glorified the beauty and uniqueness of Palmyra's architecture. Unfortunately, the proof in our time of existence of the temple here is only a preserved foundation.

The ancient colonnades that rise in the middle of the desert often attract the attention of travelers. This place has simply become famous among tourists, only since the 20th century. Tourists who have at least once visited this area must discover both the new and old Palmyra. One of them, which turned into an old open-air museum, has long forgotten about the population, only curious tourists meet here. In the second, Bedouin settlements have long been observed. This city is slowly recovering, more and more streets are appearing, electricity is supplied. The locals plant whole groves of palm trees, plant gardens and gardens, and also graze cattle. Palmyrians, adhering to ancient traditions, actively trade national clothes and various handicrafts. New Palmyra is rightfully considered one with the ancient, as it is its continuation.

Palmyra - geographical coordinates
Latitude: 34.56
Longitude: 38.267222


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